Jun 092012

Ruibal's Plants of Texas

I took this photo about a year ago with my friend Cliff Baise who was kind enough to show me around Dallas. I revisited it recently and decided to have some fun with a bit of overprocessing.

Michael Ruibal began selling bedding plants with a small truck and a 10’x20’daily rental space at the Dallas Farmers Market. One truck load at a time, one customer at a time, and the desire to satisfy every customer earned a reputation that the best plants could be found at Ruibal’s.

Two decades later, the entire Ruibal family works to expand that reputation for excellence, both in service and in the quality of plants and products we offer.

Dad’s small daily space has grown into an entire city block where multiple trucks unload daily. Our own plant farm now covers nearly thirty acres, growing the highest quality plants, and last year we opened and a second garden center near White Rock Lake .

May 122012

Uncommon Objects at Night

On our recent trip to San Francisco we revisited the waterfront at the Embarcadero. There is a walkway that goes quite a distance out into the water where you can look back at the city. They sky was alive as the sun was setting. San Francisco is one of our favorite cities and has a special place in our hearts.