May 162012

Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Next door to the Amtrak train station on the San Francisco waterfront, a 40-foot retro rocket sculpture has been created by Five Ton Crane, a group of Burning Man associated artists for a year-long installation, and it’s stunningly playful. The retro rocket’s placement next to the Amtrak station is an unintended bit of irony since rail travel is experiencing a back to the future moment right now, although the United States is falling behind the rest of the world in that arena with each passing day.

May 122012

Uncommon Objects at Night

On our recent trip to San Francisco we revisited the waterfront at the Embarcadero. There is a walkway that goes quite a distance out into the water where you can look back at the city. They sky was alive as the sun was setting. San Francisco is one of our favorite cities and has a special place in our hearts.

The Walk

Aug 252010

This is a photo of the walk at the edge of San Francisco bay near the Bay bridge. I took this photo about a year ago but haven’t posted it until now because I have worked this image a few times and wasn’t happy with the results. It must be a combination of reasons. The first is that my processing has improved. The second is that my idea of what makes a pleasing image has changed. I hope you enjoy it.