John Maffei

Oct 232010

The sun had a hard time poking through the stormy clouds as we went looking for shots in the late evening in Austin. We decided to go to the top of the Austin Community College parking garage and found this scene.

Stormy Shoal Creek

Oct 202010

There are many places on Town Lake in Austin to view the sunset. Oyster Bay is a restaurant that is built right on the water. People come to enjoy the sights and sounds of the water and the wildlife. Boating and fishing are popular in this area. As I was taking this photo, a small child was throwing bits of bread into the water to attract the ducks.

Oyster Bay Sunset

Oct 172010

The Bay Bridge is one of the two main bridges into San Francisco. The shoreline along this area is full of shops and grassy areas where visitors can relax. The weather in San Francisco was mostly cooperative during our visit. On this day, it was very clear and sunny. What a beautiful day.

The Bay Bridge

Oct 132010

We had gone up to Twin Peaks to get a shot of downtown San Francisco, but the fog was too thick for a clear view. We decided to wind our way down the roads towards downtown to see if we could get a clear shot. Luckily about that time, the fog decided to split into trails and let some light in. We jumped out of the car on the side of the road and grabbed a couple quick shots.

San Francisco Skyline

Oct 012010

I processed this photo using PhotoTools after seeing a great webinar from Brian Matiash. Brian specializes in HDR photography of what he calls “Urbex” or “Urban Exploration” photography. He goes into crazy scary broken down places and uses wide angle, tilt shift lenses to get amazing photos. PhotoTools has many presets, but I was taken with the stylized effects which work well in Urbex photography and HDR photography.
Grace Cathedral

Sep 292010

I took this photo about a year ago while on a photo walk with my friend Brooke Wilton. I like to look back on my old photos to find shots that I might have missed the first time through. I was inspired to work on this photo by a great photographer and teacher, Brian Matiash. He recently did a webinar of his HDR process and workflow that included a photoshop plugin called “Photo Tools” that I really liked the look of. If you have about an hour, check out his webinar at , I highly recommend it.

The Machines at Holly Power Plant

Sep 042010

As most photographers know, sunset and sunrise are great times to take photos. We had gone out with the intent of take a sunset photo but the sky was not cooperating. We ended up taking a large number of exposures as the sun set. I picked the moment just as the sun was starting to fall behind the horizon.

Sep 012010

There is always a lot of activity on Congress Avenue and this is especially true at sunset. There are always many people there to see the bats as they fly into the night sky and of course people in their cars trying to get home. We went out this night with the intent of getting a sunset shot. However, the sky wasn’t cooperating. I took this shot as a backup and ended up liking it better.

The Walk

Aug 252010

This is a photo of the walk at the edge of San Francisco bay near the Bay bridge. I took this photo about a year ago but haven’t posted it until now because I have worked this image a few times and wasn’t happy with the results. It must be a combination of reasons. The first is that my processing has improved. The second is that my idea of what makes a pleasing image has changed. I hope you enjoy it.